The art: hand cut and sculpted butterflies created from vinyl records.

The artist: Pamela Morris, has lived in the Pittsburgh area since 1986 and is inspired by Paul Villinski, live music of all genres, and nature. The butterfly pieces are created with the goal of provoking thought, artful re-purposing and keeping the music close.

The message: Music touches most people at a deep emotional place. It seems like a natural evolution to bring the music into every space, in any form. Music is ever-changing and always moving. These vinyl butterflies, hand cut and sculpted from 100% repurposed records, transform from dusty forgotten piles to a re-interpreted shape of hope that are meant
to keep the music close, to keep the heart and mind open, youthful, hopeful, and courageous.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are available in retail artisan boutiques and on-line. Custom pieces can be created upon request.